Parliamentary Launch: Coalition for Negative Emissions

Time: 4:00-5:00pm GMT

The Coalition for Negative Emissions brings together organisations from a range of sectors who are committed to supporting a sustainable and resilient recovery from Covid-19, by developing pioneering projects that can remove carbon dioxide (CO²) and other pollutants from the atmosphere.  


Minette Batters (President, National Farmers Union)

Will Gardiner (Chief Executive, Drax Group)

Amy Ruddock (VP, UK and Europe, Carbon Engineering)

In this event the panel will introduce the coalition, outlining its key aims, before turning to questions from MPs, Peers and other attendees. The discussion will feature robust debate on important questions including:

  • The aims and context of the Coalition for Negative Emissions 
  • The importance of negative emissions technologies in the UK meeting its climate targets
  • The range of emissions technologies becoming available 
  • The policy options in front of Government in supporting viable projects in the 2020s
  • The importance of supporting established technologies and energy demand reduction alongside scoping negative emissions

You can watch the event recording below: