Our work on COP26

At COP26, the Environment APPG hosted an event on 'Strengthening Parliamentary Consensus for Global Change'

In collaboration with: Sustainable Finance APPG, Net Zero APPGClimate Change APPG, PRASEG, CPA UK, CEN, International Conservation APPG, Peers for the Planet

You can watch the recording here:


Cross-APPG COP26 Briefings 

In collaboration with the APPGs on Climate Change, Net Zero, Sustainable Finance, and Renewable and Sustainable Energy, we prepared briefings designed to provide key background information, timelines, and expert commentary on the policy issues that would be central to negotiations at the Glasgow UN Climate Summit (COP26) in November 2021, as all our APPGs have a shared desire to maximise engagement to ensure COP26 is a success.

Briefings can be accessed below: