How are UK businesses taking a charge on the electric vehicle transition?

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Date: 16th January 2023

Time: 11:30am-12:30pm

Location: Portcullis House, Houses of Parliament

Recently the UK has showcased strong leadership on electric vehicles, with the flagship zero emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate coming into force from 1st January 2024. Despite this, there has been some push-back to this agenda. In September 2023, the Prime Minister announced a new approach to net zero which committed to delaying the 2030 phaseout of petrol and diesel cars. This was followed with the ‘Plan for Drivers’ which aimed to ‘put the brakes on anti-car measures’ at a time where anti-electric vehicle messaging was rife in the press and in some sections of Westminster.

However, much of industry is behind the transition. This roundtable will bring together leading representatives of the UK Electric Fleets Coalition (UKEFC), to discuss how UK businesses are taking a charge and the upcoming opportunities for fast-paced progress. The session will end with a Q&A as an opportunity to put your questions forward to the panel.

You will hear from a line-up of expert speakers, including:

  • Sandra Roling, Climate Group, Director of Transport
  • Olly Craughan, DPDgroup UK, Head of Sustainability
  • Emma Bayliss-Chan, Royal Mail, Senior Manager (environment and climate strategy)
  • Michael Salter-Church, Openreach, Director of External Affairs (policy and sustainability)
  • Claire Evans, Zenith, Fleet Consultancy Director
  • Matthew Walters, LeasePlan, Head of Consultancy Services and Customer Value

The event will be chaired by Wera Hobhouse MP, Environment APPG Vice Chair.

This event is open to parliamentary members only - to RSVP, email