Net Zero Agriculture: A Practical Roadmap

Photo of field and sky

4:00-5:00pm GMT

Chair: Jerome Mayhew MP

In this event, the Environment APPG will explore a practical roadmap for net zero agriculture, outlining: 

  • The important role innovation, science, and technology will play in decarbonising agriculture in line with the UK’s target of net zero emissions by 2050 
  • Evidence on how solutions such as vertical indoor farming, zero tillage, gene editing, and precision farming will affect both productivity and the environmental impacts of agriculture 
  • How parliamentarians can support innovative, practical land use policy compatible with the UK’s broader climate ambitions   



Prof. Tim Benton (Chatham House)

Dr. Tina Barsby OBE (NIAB)

John Cherry (Groundswell)

Alastair Cooper (ADM Capital)

The Chair and officers are deeply aware of the necessity to transition to sustainable, carbon-neutral agricultural practices, and the importance of providing a practical roadmap for farmers and agricultural workers across the UK. With further Government announcements expected on the new Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS), and a recently announced Government consultation on gene editing, now is a particularly timely moment to evaluate the potential of these solutions.