Training the Future: Young People and the Climate Crisis

This event, hosted by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Environment, on Thursday 9th September, 1:00-2:00pm BST, will discuss climate education and how the Government can support young people and UK industries by providing the educational resources needed for the green jobs of the future. As the UK moves towards net zero, education can and must provide the skills needed to ensure the levelling up of the economy and a green recovery from the covid-19 pandemic.

The meeting will hear short contributions from the following speakers, followed by a Q&A: 

Rhian Kelly, Corporate Affairs Director at National Grid and sat on the Green Jobs Taskforce at BEIS

Scarlett Westbrook, Youth campaigner from Teach the Future - a group calling for changes to education which prepare young people for the transition to net zero  

Paul Turner, Geography teacher who works to bring greater attention to climate education 

Siobhan Baillie MP, Member of Parliament for Stroud 

Their remarks will touch on:

  • Student and teacher experiences of climate education within the current curriculum
  • What an education system that prepares young people for the transition to net zero could look like, including school, university, college, and apprenticeships 
  • Green employment opportunities for young people and what Government can do to boost green skills training
  • The relationship between youth enthusiasm for climate action, green skills, and achieving net zero