Should the UK commit to a moratorium on deep sea mining? - parliamentary roundtable

Image of pink coral in the deep sea

The Environment APPG is holding a Q&A roundtable for parliamentarians to discuss: ‘Should the UK commit to a moratorium on deep sea mining?’.

The deep sea holds vast amounts of valuable metals and minerals used in technologies that will help power the green transition. However, research suggests that mining the deep sea could have devastating environmental impacts that remain poorly understood, and many countries have called for a moratorium or precautionary pause. 

This roundtable discussion will explore the key questions concerning the relationship between the nascent deep-sea mining industry, the demand for raw materials for the green energy transition, ocean conservation, governance and the scope of scientific understanding of the pristine habitats and ecosystems of the deep sea.

This event will offer expert insights into the current state of play, and give the perspectives of scientists, economists, lawyers and civil society. The cross-party Q&A will be chaired by Environment APPG supporter and Ocean APPG Chair, Sally-Ann Hart MP.